Meet Our Queerleaders

What is a Queerleader?

Queerleader (noun): a champion of positive change for queer people within the property and construction industry.

We are a network of 175+ same-sex attracted and gender diverse Queerleaders, in all fields of property including development, construction, marketing, media, architecture, planning, surveying, engineering, design, facilities management, recruitment, sales and more.

Our Board – the people who make it happen

Meg Patten

Meg Patten is our savvy and sustainable Marketing Manager from Riverlee who has successfully rebranded to just Meg – a one-name wonder woman who doesn’t need any introductions. Meg is committed to supporting inclusive spaces that help empower people through design, culture, and free expression. As our current Chairperson and champion for the queer women’s movement in property, the question she poses is – where are all the womxn?


Benjamin Rowe

What makes Ben Rowe passionate, you ask? Efficiency and humanity in our built environments – without the hyperbole. Ben is so much to so many, including a Senior Development Manager at Riverlee. Ben is a man of few words but they are all the right ones. He’s driven, motivated and exudes a natural can-do attitude.


Rossco Karabelas

Rossco is a typical property industry brat, kicking off his career as a marketer for a heavyweight in the development world, then moving to a global sales agency before finding his home at a boutique agency TPA. Rossco has been part of some of the most iconic projects in Australia, whilst maintaining his humble demeanour and stunning good looks. You will definitely hear Rossco before you see him.


Tory Dixon

There is a passion that keeps Tory Dixon going; it’s people. Tory is endlessly fascinated by the adventures of the people around her, and she strives to understand their struggles and successes. This modern-day superhero is changing the face of construction one story at a time.


Chris McCue

Chris McCue is a name synonymous with inspiring architecture and design in Melbourne is Chris McCue. Clean lines, textured moments, and applying craft to all spaces truly elevates him above others. Responsible for a talented team of designers and architects at Carr, Chris is a one-of-a-kind leader with a keen eye and wicked sense of humour.


Glenn Slobodzian

Clever and innovative are just a couple of words to describe our Glenn Slobodzian, an articulate Account Manager at Domain Group whose primary goal is helping key clients navigate their advertising needs. The one thing he may love more than loud shirts, themed events, or a cheeky happy hour is considered interior design, which he is currently studying.


Jacob Vagg

A true master of his own destiny, Jacob is a trailblazer who has set himself a high bar to not just be the best, but to innovate along the way. There is nothing this superstar marketer can’t do. Well connected, suave and legendary, Jacob takes it all in his stride, currently leading the Salta Properties brand into the future of property marketing.


Paul Borella

Don’t let that stunning smile fool you, Paul Borella is no light weight. Paul is a digital master, running a digital agency that covers strategy, engagement and development. There isn’t anything this professional power house can’t do. When he is not winning at work, he’s winning at life. You can catch him travelling to ski destinations with family and friends, enjoying a cheeky chocolate eclair or a champagne.


Mitchell Barker

The only name in the property & facilities recruitment space is Mitchell, Mitchell Barker. A man on a mission, possessed some say, to help enhance people’s careers and strike long lasting relationships with the people and businesses he meets. When he’s not changing your life, he’s all about fitness; rowing, cycling and running; anything outdoors and sporty is on his radar.


Marcus Skeggs

Marcus is a big deal. There is nothing small with this boy wonder, from his height, to his vaulted aspirations and passion for storytelling. Setting a high benchmark in his career, this captain of industry has seen the launch of over 80 projects in Australia with DisplaySweet, sits on the Diversity and Inclusion committee with the UDIA NSW and the UDIA NSW Legends and Legacy program in his spare time. Marcus’ true talent is building strong relationships with his clients with a “what you see is what you get attitude”, one fabulous dinner jacket at a time.