Queers in Property is an independent network connecting LGBTQI+ people in the property and construction industry for visibility, empowerment and professional support.

Based in Melbourne and Sydney, we are a community of professionals cultivating positive change in the property and construction industry. Our mission is to create a more inclusive industry by connecting and empowering our LGBTQI+ members and allies. In everything we do, we seek to foster safe spaces for our diverse QIP community to grow, learn, live authentically, and build a better future together (while having some fun along the way).

Our three pillars:


Be seen and represented

By seeing each other and being seen in our industry, we create friends and role models, challenge discriminatory attitudes, and encourage acceptance.


No one is you and that is your power

By sharing our personal journeys, achievements, and opportunities we seek to empower one another to see our authentic self as a source of strength, and to be comfortable living openly in the workplace.


Be who you needed when you were younger

We’d like you to always have someone to call at work, whether it’s a property question, moral support, someone to vent to, or a pick me up. By connecting with each other we build our own networks to flourish.

What we offer

  • General Networking Events

    These events occur regularly with only a few formalities. They are a free platform for the QIP community to connect in a welcoming and fun environment.

  • QHouse Events

    Our event series focused on topics that inform and evolve our industry. Where possible, we showcase the achievements and work of our members and provide speaking opportunities. This allows members to build confidence and their profile in the industry.

  • QConnect

    Our bi-monthly IRL social catch ups. It’s an opportunity to get together with other Queerleaders and grow your network.

  • Accountability Buddies

    Connect with another person in the industry and have regular catch ups to set goals and hold each other accountable to achieve them. Kind of like reciprocal mentoring.

  • Company Assist

    We consult with property and construction companies to promote diversity and exclusivity. We can refer you to resources on gender identity, diversity and inclusion policies, and mental health.

  • Focussed Charity Work

    We fund raise, volunteer and raise awareness for causes that enrich our industry, queer people and the broader community.