Desperately Seeking Susan 30 January 2020

Where are all the same sex attracted women?  We recongise that property and construction has a significant gender imbalance, particularly in construction where women make up only 3% of the workforce compared to 51% of the non-construction workforce according to NAWIC – National Association of Women in Construction (Australia National)Is this lack of representation why we don’t come out as lesbian or bisexual in the workplace?

We want to be champions of change for our queer women community to help eliminate the imbalance and improve representation. So as a part of an ongoing Queers in Property campaign, we’re Desperately Seeking Susan… Ellen, Jane, Ruby and all women to engage, connect and empower same sex attracted women. 

Together with all of our Queersleaders and allies, we hope to challenge the embedded gender stereotypes and help our Susans through the power of visibility. 

Join us to learn more about this campaign.